Simple Lessons about God and Man Drawn from Christian Biographies

  • God is good.
  • Man is not good.
  • Christians still sin.
  • Christians make mistakes.
  • Christians make dumb mistakes.
  • Christians make really dumb mistakes.
  • Christians have a less-than-perfect theology (despite what they may think).
  • God uses theologically-off, sin-tainted, mistake-making Christians for His glory.
  • Christians surrendered to God are used more than those living for themselves.
  • Christians go through tremendous trials and emerge a little more like Christ.
  • God always takes care of His people.
  • God takes care of His people even when they have wavering faith.
  • God’s caretaking sometimes does not match a person’s idea of God taking care of them.
  • God uses close calls and sticky situations for His glory.
  • God uses everything for His glory.
  • God is good.
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