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The question of whether women should be deacons in the Christian church has been hotly debated for centuries. While most conservative churches do not ordain women as deacons, there are some that do allow females in the diaconate, although those that I know of personally have a warped church government—the pastor is hired by popular vote (and can be kicked out the same way), and the office of elder is non-existent; thus, the deacons run the church. This is unbiblical on at least two fronts—women should not be in authority over men (1 Tim. 2:12), and deacons are to serve, not rule. So, should a woman be ordained as a deacon, and if so, what does that look like according to the Bible?

Church Life

Modern conveniences have certainly been a blessing in our lives. Washing machines, microwaves, running water, and other mod cons, as our British friends would say, all help us get our daily chores done in a fraction of the time it took our grandparents. We have much more leisure time on our hands, even if sometimes it doesn’t always seem like it. So what does that have to do with your inbox clutter, you might be asking?

Well, to be blunt, our leisure time has gotten in the way of our relationship with the Lord.

Home Life Idolatry Stewardship

Self-sacrifice has been the predominant thought popping up in my mind the last few days. What does it really mean to give Jesus all of ourselves? What does a life look like that is totally sold out to God?

I’ve been captivated by a beautiful version of the Elizabeth Prentiss hymn “More Love to Thee” sung by Fernando Ortega. This same hymn was sung by North Korean Christians in 1974 as they were being steamrolled to death by Communist government agents, simply because the believers would not deny Christ.[1] Minutes before, they had also witnessed the hanging of their own children, committing them to heaven rather than renouncing their belief in Jesus.[2]

Dying to Self Home Life Idolatry Stewardship